Assistance for Patient and Family Services

Our mission is to support the non-medical needs of patients and their family members. We may be able to provide gift cards, discounted services, and other assistance to patients. Volunteers will contact patients to understand more about their specific circumstances and needs. Then, these requests are reviewed by board members to determine what assistance can be provided based on the patient's situation as well as what is currently available. 

None of our assistance is income based, but it is diagnosis dependent, meaning documentation from a medical professional will be required.

At this time, the board of directors has decided to assist every patient that qualifies and not turn anyone away, this means that our assistance packages to patients are small, but no one is ever turned away.

As a volunteer-led organization we strive to be prompt in responding to all applications, phone calls, and emails. Please allow at least 5-7 business days for a response to all phone calls and emails, and note that our current (as of May 2019) turn around time for patient applications is 6-8 weeks depending on the availability of funds. As of May 7th, both downtown apartments are also occupied through the summer. 


Travel and Lodging Assistance

Not everyone is able to receive their medical care close to home. For families traveling to Rochester for medical care, we have two downtown Rochester apartment available at no-cost for up to 75 nights. Patients and families requesting to stay in these apartments should speak to the social worker at Mayo Clinic for a referral. 


General Financial Assistance

Medical care is expensive and can add up quickly. If you are a Rochester, MN resident or are here receiving treatment, you may quality for general financial assistance. This assistance may be used towards medical bills, home improvements, or whatever your current needs may be. Annual award per patient is $500-$750.

Welcome Packet for Patient and Visitors to Rochester

Complied by students from the University of Minnesota-Rochester, this interactive document includes a listing of resources you may find useful when planning your trip to Rochester for treatment or even after you arrive. This is a work in progress and we continue to update as we are able. Click HERE for access.